Student Welcome Letter: Public Policy Studies Essay

Student Welcome Letter: Public Policy Studies Essay

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Dear, Transfer Student

Welcome to the University of California, we are excited that you choose to join our school. We are eager to meet you. Your arrival on campus is approaching quickly, so we wanted to take some time and share you some important information about the city of Los Angeles which is the back drop of our campus. Campus life is not just limited to the institution, but is highly immersed within the fabric and culture of the city in Los Angeles. It is our goal that this information will allow you to feel comfortable at your new home away from home.
We would encourage you to attend new student orientation during the first week you arrive on campus. Orientation allows you meet other incoming students and faculty. You will be assigned a tour guide who will take you and a group on a full campus tour. We will also be there to answer any further questions you may have.
As a declared Public Policy student you have the unique opportunity to study within a new thriving “Latino Metropolis” within Los Angeles. By 2050, there should be more Latinos than all other minorities combi...

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