Student Perceptions Of Study Time Essay

Student Perceptions Of Study Time Essay

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Time Management: An Annotated Bibliography

Bash, Kristie L., and David S. Kreiner. “Student Perceptions of Study Time.” Psi Chi Journal
of Psychological research 19.1 (2014). Google Scholar. Web. 15 Nov. 2015.
The first part of the research focuses on the difference between perceived study time and actual study time as well as how this affects students’ progress. A few interesting hypotheses were brought up in the research. Basically, they state that students overestimate time needed to complete arbitrary academic tasks and that students, who practice time management, have more resistance against stressful situations as well as complete their tasks faster. Unfortunately, the actual experiment has shown that the hypotheses were not close enough to the real life. The analysis indicated that students were rather underestimating studying time and that there is no significant relationship between studying time and perception of control. However, the fact that students tend to underestimate time allotted to studying leads to an interesting conclusion. The underestimation could result in reduced time available for other tasks and, as a result, students’ efficiency could be diminished in the future.
The article grabbed my attention because of its unique approach and controversial conclusion. Also, I found many similarities with my own time management mistakes. Therefore, I think that the article will be an appropriate start for my essay.

Balduf, Megan. “Underachievement among college students.” Journal of advanced academics 20.2 (2009): 274-294. Google Scholar. Web. 7 Nov. 2015.
The research focuses on student’s underachievement in college. About eight students interviewed abo...

... middle of paper ...

...e such as entertainment, productivity, and happiness derived from the previous two aspects. The team innovated a new approach on viewing time management which includes four interchangeable bases: goal setting and evaluating, technique, free time attitudes, and scheduling. These four “mental instruments” were meant to help students in their free time goals setting, allocating waiting time, evaluating their free time, organizing activities to do during free time, and having positive attitude towards time management.
I found the article very important for managing our time because the authors collected the main research made in time management; moreover, they successfully applied the knowledge on students under regular day-to-day school circumstances which revealed the fact that free time management is, indeed, an important tool for success as well as for happiness.

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