Student Life At The University Of Cincinnati Essay

Student Life At The University Of Cincinnati Essay

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Along with offering many scholarships for athletes, colleges spend millions of dollars on stadiums, fields, courts, etc. for those said athletes. For example, the University of Cincinnati spent $86 million on the renovation of their football stadium in 2015 (Monk). Colleges today also spend a lot of money on amenities for students in order to attract students to their colleges as well. Most colleges in the United States offer many luxury amenities for students, including luxury housing and apartments, new fitness centers, student life centers, and pools for recreation. The University of Cincinnati offers many of these, too, such as luxury apartments, a loaded recreation center with its own lazy river, and the new Steger Student Life Center. The college is currently remodeling one of its halls, Scioto, to offer more luxury apartments for the students at the college. This project is expected to cost $35 million (Tweh).
These high cost renovations cause tuition and student life fees to rise at colleges. This puts the financial burden on the students. Spending so much money on athletics and amenities is impractical. Because this cost is on the students, it leads back to the rising costs of education and why many students have to work while attending school.
With the addition of luxury services, such as recreation centers, there is another big problem. College is becoming more of an experience than a place to go to get an education and earn a degree. As a college student, you hear many jokes about how certain people go to school just for the experience or to party. This is shown through the poor graduation rates that many colleges have. The 2012 graduation rate for finishing a 4-year program in 6 years was just 59% (Tuition Costs). Th...

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... to see. If students are able to get higher paying jobs because of their involvement, they will be paying more taxes in the future into the government system. Therefore, despite the government providing more money upfront, it will be a positive investment for them, because they will get the majority, if not more, of the student’s money back in the form of taxes.
If the government provides more assistance and if colleges lower their costs, more students will be able to attend college. Allowing more students to afford college and get an education would help the well-being of the United States. Education fosters innovation, productivity, and causes the economy to flourish. The American school system needs to make a change to fix the problems we are having. If America doesn’t make a change, we will fall even further behind in the ways of education and economic growth.

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