Essay on Student Cheating Has Become An Astronomically Large Quandary

Essay on Student Cheating Has Become An Astronomically Large Quandary

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Student cheating has become an astronomically large quandary within the last year at some of the nations most competitive schools. Studies have been done in regards to students demeanor and posture to prove that a majority of students do seem to breach academic standards and integrity. It also has been illustrated by Richard Perez-Pena, author of “Studies Find More Students Cheating, With High Achievers No Exception,” that students who are high achievers are additionally liable to cheat along with their fellow students. Having the option to utilize the cyber world and being able to look up information, copy others works, and having programs readily available in paraphrasing students documents without them needing to learn to paraphrase themselves, has availed in the unethical demeanor of the works that students plagiarize. According to Pena, not only has the cyber world transmuted the postures of students, but he feels that students being sanctioned to collaborate as a team has allowed them to document share, work share, copying and pasting each others work has played an emphasis on the infringements of the cheating students. Some teachers/professors/instructors are not always clear, in their edifications, on what is acceptable and unacceptable regarding plagiarism. Along with these academic instructors, parents are too to blame. If parents took the time in teaching their children to honor and respect their authority, their children would be more prosperous and would not feel the desire nor need to cheat to further their academic career. As a solution, we need to find what can be done to better address students compromising ethics as they deal with performance pressure.
In the article by Richard Perez-Pena, “Studies Find more Stud...

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... academic curriculum that had not been supported or approved by the director. So when I took the same things they taught me and tried to apply it to another higher level class of the same field, my grades went from the “A” into a downward spiral and at one point I was even faulted for plagiarism. It was not until I had a meeting with the department director that it was found that the curriculum and the teachings of the instructor were incorrect, and therefore caused me to have to retake the classes again. So again, I must agree that there are those students that are high achievers that feel extra pressures to meet the criterias that is expected of them, but also teachers along with the parents need to emphasis obedience, honor and respect for authority and it will then flow over to how the children will be towards their teachers as they deal with performance pressure

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