The Strong Willed Queen Tomyris of the Massagetea Essay

The Strong Willed Queen Tomyris of the Massagetea Essay

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Most of us have not heard of one of the bravest and most important women in history. Her name was Queen Tomyris of the Massagetea. She stood in the way of the conquests of Cyrus the Great. She lost her son to Cyrus in the war. Despite that, she challenged him to another fight to keep her kingdom free. She got vengeance for her son and protected Greece from capture by Cyrus. In doing this she shaped the known world.
Cyrus the Great was the founder of the Persian Empire who lived around 350 BC. He was an amazing conqueror who was never satisfied with his conquests. He led a group of war-like people, the Persians, from their home in what is now Iran (Jackson, 395). In Daniel Cchapter 5 it was a Persian army that conquered the mighty kingdom of Babylon, as predicted by the handwriting on the wall (Book of Daniel, “The Holy Bible” and Steele). Even Alexander the Great admired Cyrus as a general equal to himself (“Cyrus the Great,” Wikipedia). Cyrus conquered many lands including Aryavarta, Media, Anshan, Babylon, Akhad, and Sumer, and he was the backbone of most Persian achievements, (Cyrus the Great, Wikipedia). Even though he had taken over so many lands, he wasn’t happy, yet he still wanted more. He was eyeing the land of Massagetea (Herodotus, I.205)
The ruler of the Massagetea was Queen Tomyris, who got the throne after her husband, the king, died. Her tribe was made up of pastoral nomadic Iranian people. Her culture made weapons out of mostly brass and never silver, they ate no grain but mostly meat, and when someone got too old they offered them up as a sacrifice to their gods, cooked their flesh, and ate it (Herodotus, I.215 and I.216). There is little known about Queen Tomyris other than her short interaction with Cyru...

... middle of paper ... into Cyrus’ demand to take over her kingdom of Massagetea. She opposed Cyrus and slaughtered him. Her strength of will in standing up to Cyrus may have saved the West from being just another part of the Persian Empire.

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