The Stress Caused by Nanny 911 Essay

The Stress Caused by Nanny 911 Essay

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Most people believe that watching television is a relaxing experience where you are able to relieve the stress from everyday life; however, viewers of reality television shows often gain more stress than they had before. A perfect example of this is nanny-to-the-rescue reality television shows such as Nanny 911. The reality television show Nanny 911 consists of a group of three nannies, Nanny Yvonne, Nanny Debra, and Nanny Stella, who are chosen for their area of expertise to go help disorderly families in the span of a week. The head nanny chooses one of them to try to tame the out of control kids, and teach the stressed parents how to effectively raise their children. The show reveals the major events that happen in the household during the week, and highlights major meltdowns and breakthroughs that happen with the children and parents. Overall the show is stressful, redundant, and often overdramatized, and would make even the calmest parent want to beat the children.
The show Nanny 911 is a stressful show to watch because of the crying screaming children throughout all of its episodes. This whole show highlights children with horrid behaviors and shows just how ineffective some of these people’s parenting styles really are. After one thirty-nine minute episode you are left stressed out with your heart racing, wondering how these children haven’t killed someone yet. An example of this can be found in the first episode of season one. In this episode called “The Rock Family” Nanny Debra must help Matt and Karen with their two children. Their four-year-old son Dylan hits his mom, tells her what to do, and curses at her. He acts like the adult in the household and gets everything his way. For him to even sleep, his mother must slee...

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...sold worldwide. This makes teenagers and other young adults do unruly things to try and gain their own spot in the limelight. Even though reality television is supposed to be this great source of entertainment and may make us happy at the moment, if not watched carefully and really thought about it could ruin someone’s life with its negative values.

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