Strengths And Weaknesses Of Monsanto Company Essay

Strengths And Weaknesses Of Monsanto Company Essay

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Strengths Weaknesses
1. Monsanto boasted annual revenues of 15.8 billion dollars in 2014.
2. A group called Monsanto Venture Group (MVG) provides capital for promising companies to grow.
3. A strong foothold in the global market.
4. Focus on improving technology to help farmers become more successful in the information age.
5. Ethical treatment of employees including extensive benefits and rewards.
6. Monsanto focuses on product development to create seeds that will grow in harsh climates. 1. The poor nutritional quality of GMO products.
2. Farmers are realizing the negative long term effects of using genetically modified seeds near conventional crops.
3. Monsanto has been named in multiple investigations regarding tax inversion/evasion.
4. Chemicals produced by Monsanto have had some side effects detrimental to the health of the public.
5. Spent millions to prevent mandatory labelling which is an indication the company doesn’t prioritize consumer health above profits.
6. Monsanto’s customer base is slowly dwindling due to a shift to non-GMO products.
Opportunities Threats
1. Advancements in technology create new improvements in planting.
2. Advancements in non-GMO products could promote sales.
3. Combining with competitors would increase share values for both shareholders and farmers.
4. The possibility for growth in other countries that rely mainly on agriculture is high.
5. With a gross profit of $8,574,000 Monsanto’s financial backing provides the funding necessary for future development
6. Improvements in seed engineering to produce products that thrive in third world countries dependent on agriculture.

1. An increasing number of farmers are choosing organic crops over GMO products.
2. With the risin...

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...ends gaining popularity around the world and are choosing organic and non-GMO crops. Farmers are turning to the safe seed resource list to find companies who have pledged to provide non-GMO seeds. Understandably, Monsanto company has developed patents to solidify their niche in the market. The company has gained a reputation for fiercely enforcing patent laws and suing individuals for allegedly violating said laws. These numerous lawsuits have opened the door for significant negative publicity and countersuits. A developing concern for Monsanto company is the western Corn Rootworm is developing a resistance to Monsanto brand corn. Monsanto could be creating some environmental issues by making worms more resistant to pesticides. Monsanto should counter these threats by working with competitors and others in the market to develop a stronger plant base.

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