Strategies For Cope And Survive Within New Country Essay

Strategies For Cope And Survive Within New Country Essay

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Some people believe that leaving home is stepping outside with their feet yet without their hearts. It means, even though they are far away from their hometowns, they will always be welcomed home and they find that it is hard to leave home while they have to be separated from their families and cultures. Besides, they will face some problems when they left home, such as homesickness and culture shock, which makes it difficult to survive in their new places. Therefore, this essay would point out what people should prepare with themselves also with their relatives to overcome and survive while they were living in the new countries by referring to Mao’s Last Dancer movie and Amreeka.

Living in new places and new environments will always create different challenges. To cope with it, firstly, people need to keep in their mind about their purposes of moving out from home and be determined to reach their dreams. This is the key to prevent any homesickness and culture shock. For example, based on the movie Amreeka, Muna is a hardworking mother who raises her son, Fadi alone, and when she moves out to the United States, she has to leave her job formerly as a bank assistant in Bethlehem. However, working as a bank assistant in the United States is not as easy as in Bethlehem because they require more qualifications. Therefore, Muna cannot get a job in the bank, but she is accepted in a fast food restaurant as a waitress. In this case, she notices that she has to get a job, regardless any kind of job for her livelihood. Then, once she gets a job, she works with full of determination thus she becomes less homesick. Moreover, according to Mao’s Last Dancer, Li CunXin is also a conscientious ...

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...e or twice, he keeps a family photo to remind him of his family and home. Whenever he decides to give up, he always looks at that picture to motivate himself. It can be said that family support is the best pain-relief since friends may come and gone, yet family will be always there for us.

To sum up, people leave home for specific purposes and they will face some troubles, related to cultural differences. However some experts says “ Better be safe than sorry ”, which means people has to be ready for being determined and open-minded to be more acceptable with new things before any problems occurs. While, having good relations and supports from families also the best way to encourage people coping well in the new countries. Hopefully, by keeping in mind that ‘ Home is wherever your heart is’ and by making use of strategies discussed, people may enjoy their new living.

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