Strategic Management and Strategic Competitiveness Essay

Strategic Management and Strategic Competitiveness Essay

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The home Depot is one of my favorite stores. I frequently visit the same location for cleaning supplies, tools and to take advantage of the new and latest products they have available. The home depot was incorporated in 1978 by Bernie Marcus and Arthur blank. Along with investment banker Ken Langone and merchandising guru Pat farrah. The first two stores were open in Atlanta Georgia. The first stores, at around 60,000 square feet each, were cavernous warehouse that dwarfed the competition and stocked 25,000 SKUs, much more than the average hardware store at the time. There were empty boxes piled so high on the shelves give the illusion of even more product. From the start, associate were able to offer the best customer service in the industry, making sure they guard customer through project such as dry walls, electrical and laying tile etc. associate did not only undergo rigorous product knowledge training but they also began offering how to do it yourself clinics so customer can learn how to do it themselves. The home Depot is the world largest home improvement retailer in the U.S., Canada and Mexico etc.
Home Depot is one of today’s leading home improvement centers but it is still face with up and downs. For example not having everything the consumer need and higher price than competitors. The supplies are slow on delivery which is a concern for customers. Another would be competitor having lower prices and or the supplies that customer needs and one of the problems is with sub product and service would be the quality of the product and the lack of people to perform the services. Home Depot has thousand of stores across the county, which really is good for globalization due to the face that they are just here in the states and...

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...ategy and performance with environmental and employee stakeholders is using a proactive approach and doing more than is required by the industry. In addition not only have they gotten certified and donated million to relief funds and Red Cross organization but have also giving volunteer hours and hosting workshop for children, women and people who are purchasing new homes. These activities and massive contribution to many charities and relief efforts, earned them an A on the Council on Economic Priorities Corporate Report Card.
As a publicly traded corporation, home Depot can justify budgeting so much money for philanthropy because it is what shareholder like to see in a company. Home Depot key to success factors are excellent, management, superior customer service, competitive price and the full range of product.

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