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The Story Of The Three Little Pigs Essay

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There are always many ways to tell a story, depending on the point of view. For instance, there is the story of the Three Little Pigs. There is the original story depicting the the Big Bad Wolf, as just that; big, bad, and scary. He wants to eat all the pigs and destroy their homes. However, later there was a book published from the Wolf’s point of view, The True Story of the Three Little Pigs, which stated that the Wolf was just going to the pigs home to borrow baking ingredients. This classic childrens story shows how any same story or event can be portrayed or interpreted differently based on the author’s specific point of view. Just like the story of the three little pigs, the Gospels of Luke and John tell the same story of Jesus’s life from different points of view, coming to different conclusions. The Gospel of John was in in the perspective of and written by John the Apostle. John the Apostle was a former fisherman and beloved disciple of Jesus himself. John wrote his Gospel to convince unbelievers to believe in Jesus Christ and be saved. The Gospel of Luke, was written by Luke, a gentile physician. The purpose of Luke’s Gospel was to provide the Gentiles with a complete and accurate record of Jesus’s life. Ultimately, the difference in the two Gospels’ portrayals of Jesus show how the two authors are writing about the same subject matter but come up with two very different conclusions. The portrayal of Jesus in the Gospel of Luke, as the savior of the world with compassion to all beings, contrasts completely with the portrayed Jesus in the Gospel of John as the Son of God, Word made flesh, and provider of eternal life to his believers.
In the Gospel of Luke, Jesus is depicted as the compassionate savior bringing divine sal...

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...e seen. From the Son of Man, divine savior with compassion to all in Luke to the Son of God and provider of everlasting life to all followers, Jesus character is shown in distinctly different manners. Looking at the Gospels secularly as literature, it is shown that any story can be portrayed in multiple ways. Just as John and Luke portray the story of the life of Jesus in considerably different ways, any two authors or people in modern times may present the same story or life event with extremely differing approaches. A way to implement this knowledge into modern thinking in everyday life, is to think of how somebody else might perceive a specific situation. It is important to realize that others may have different perceptions and to keep this in mind whenever considering another’s opinion. There are multiple ways to view anything, it all depends on your perspective.

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