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Essay on Stock Market

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In the modern time, the competitive business world seems to be more serious than previously. The main aim of business strategy is creating the benefit in trade and also reducing some of its limitations. Furthermore, another strategy that is applied to the modern business world is to link the economic globalization such as in order to become a listed company on the stock market. We can see lots of advantages by listed companies compared to private companies such as financial stability or are more opportunities to do business. It is an absolutely interesting that the top biggest companies in the world, (by top 100 companies) are all listed on the Stock Market, such as Wal-mart stores the biggest companies by 2010 (Fortune global 500, 2010) listed on The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and also The London Stock Exchange (FTSE), Toyota Motor Corporation, fifth of ranking by 2010 listed on The Tokyo Stock Exchange, (NIKKEI), also listed on NYSE and FTSE.
There are many positive ideas to support listing on the Stock Market, the opportunities to companies, in addition, by attracting foreign partners also greatly increase capital investment (Suarez and Canal, 2003). In term of the opportunity to raise funds, it can be easier than a private company because of any rules, practice, and several more factor that make standardisation, used by (The Stock Exchange of Thailand, 2008).
Being listed on a stock exchange has many advantages that a business owner of any size might consider as part of a businesses strategic plan. Moreover, when expansion and leveraging are on the business agenda, stock exchange listing can cast a wider net into the capitalization pool i.e. the potential sources of equity funding. (Berry, 2010: website)
Moreover, t...

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...d on the Stock Market is the best way to build a modern business.
However, were increasing opportunities to do business while less the power of control may is some concerns that the owner has to think before make a decision. (Suarez and Canal, 2003) commented that the benefit of strategic alliances can help the company improve the competitive of opportunity, such as a company might be turning a potential rival into a partner which helps each other’s or the benefit in term of revenue because that can turn create new market opportunities, it is allowing for imitation or competition in the same market was more difficult.
The joint venture as a partner in the network causes the result that benefits shareholders. In addition, it also increases the ability of the growth in international business and also makes a good public image, these effects to the prices of stock.

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