Essay about The Stigma Of Same Sex Parenting

Essay about The Stigma Of Same Sex Parenting

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By trying to compare the results from the aforementioned study, it weakens the confidence of it and is labeled as suspect science which relies heavily on a subjective set of participants. In spite of doing well (according to this study) many of these children experience a certain shame which can be linked to lower scores on a number of scales. Thus, there is in fact a “catch 22” to this study, which is that when children perform well it can be attributed to same-sex parenting and when they do not it is because of the stigma of same-sex parenting. More notable professors have called this study problematic due to this fact alone and express concern that it cannot be taken seriously. Most families who can afford the expense of ART and surrogacy are likely to belong to the homosexual socioeconomic elite, the only kind of people this study 's sample was likely to comprise. This, however, does not take away from the fact that they should be allowed to adopt children jointly as heterosexual married couples have the right to do.
In a separate Pew Research study, it was shown how disconnected the media is from public opinion on this topic. This study shows that the media pushes the positive outlook on same-sex marriages/adoptions as opposed to the general feeling sensed most often, which is discontent and disapproval by the public. The news media tells stories that are sympathetic to same-sex marriages as opposed to those unapologetic by a margin of at least five to one (5:1). This shows that the public opinion is being disregarded and an accurate view is not being given to sway opinions in favor of supporting same-sex marriage and adoptions. This media bias is consistent with the highly critical coverage of the New Family Structures ...

... middle of paper ... spouse of a deceased federal worker.
In conclusion, in an era when many children are raised by single parents - with proven disadvantages such as lower educational achievements and poor behavior - gay couples offer adopted children two full-time parents. Children raised in a same-sex household are proven more open minded about different lifestyles than children who are raised in the traditional opposite sex households. The records show that such couples provide loving homes and raise well-balanced children which provides for more well-rounded adults. These kids can be also be linked to a higher aptness of thinking outside of many societal norms, which is what is needed to help the world progress into a future of understanding and fervent camaraderie. Marriages are more durable than cohabitations, and they create a stable and committed environment for children.

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