Same-Sex Parenting and Child Development

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Same-Sex Parenting In the last ten years, many established gay men and lesbians have been increasingly undertaking parenthood through donor insemination, surrogacy, or fostering and adoption (McCann, 2005). Thus, a new type of family formation in American society has been generated. Due to the formation of same-sex households, gay and lesbian parenting is no longer a concept. This type of parenting has become a reality which society as a whole is struggling to accept (McCann, 2005). In 2010, the U.S. Census Bureau counted gay marriages in its survey for the first time in order to provide official data for researchers and policy makers (Wagner, 2010). Such data could help track trend in gay and lesbian family formation and impacts on children of these household types and of the policies affecting them. Heterosexual and homosexual-headed families finally have a chance to learn more about their similarities and differences in term of life experiences and challenges in raising children (Wagner, 2010). In many western societies, gay males have not been supported as primary caregivers, but the desire to raise a child appears to be strong in gay men, especially in the United States. According to a 2007 study of adoption trends by the UCLA School of Law and the Urban Institute, more than 50% of gay men said they desired to be a parent, compared with 41% of lesbians surveyed (As Cited In Wagner, 2010). Gay fathers in the United Sates indicate that desire to have children is part of finding happiness and satisfaction in life. Like heterosexual parents, they also want to pass on their values and traditions to their children (Wagner, 2010). It has been suggested that gay and lesbian couples should not become parents because they coul... ... middle of paper ... parenting. Child development is not only affected by parental sexual orientation, but also the quality of the home environment and the ability of the parent to consistently meet the emotional, social and physical needs of the child (Paccione-Dyszlewski, 2008). Works Cited McCann, D., & Delmonte, H. (2005). Lesbian and gay parenting: babes in arms or babes in the woods?. Sexual & Relationship Therapy, 20(3), 333-347. doi:10.1080/14681990500141840 Paccione-Dyszlewski, M. (2008). Children of same gender parents: What is known. Brown University Child & Adolescent Behavior Letter, 24(2), 1-6. Patterson, C. J. (2006). Children of Lesbian and Gay Parents. Current Directions In Psychological Science (Wiley-Blackwell), 15(5), 241-244. doi:10.1111/j.1467- 8721.2006.00444.x Wagner, C. G. (2010). Homosexuality and Family Formation. Futurist, 44(3), 6-7.

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