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The State Run Exchange Programs Essay

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Simpson reports feelings of uncertainty in the sustainability of the state run exchange programs in Colorado. Our state run health care exchange program, Connect for Health Colorado is working, but it is not ideal. Some states have resorted back to the federal exchanges because state run exchanges are financially draining. Politically, "the Republicans in Colorado 's congressional contingent [are] renewing calls to dismantle the law and Democrats calling for efforts to improve it" (Simpson par. 20). Both parties need to try to comprise to come up with ways to make our system better for the middle class individuals.
It seems as though the financial burden of our national health care is being placed on the shoulders of the American workforce. Americans in lower income brackets, between 20k and 50K annual income, already put in tremendous efforts to provide for themselves. Not only do these lower income people that fall outside the help of Medicaid possess less money to pay for insurance with in the first place, but when it comes time to pay for any medical expenses, the high deductibles of the plans they can afford are not easily paid out of pocket. In this situation, an single individual presented with a 5,000 deductible for a medical emergency will experience a greatly altered quality of life. Consequently, this individual will struggle to pay for mandatory expenses, and basic bills as a result of inadequate insurance. People in higher income brackets that can afford better insurance plans, would never experience what that’s like. This is one of the many ways the health care changes are going to affect lower income households.
In an interview with Carolyn Nicholson we see how changes to health care laws directly modify insura...

... middle of paper ...

...rm of increased taxes, and the healthy and young Americans will be paying out of pocket for either increased insurance premiums or penalties. (83)
Originally the plan was that middle and lower income households would not feel the tax increases, and yet the taxes imposed had an effect on a majority of the population (Diaz par. 32-33). The promises made by President Obama to the American people, such as the taxation to only the higher income brackets, and keeping your current insurance plans and doctors, did not come to pass. The taxpayers are not the only ones who feel the affect of the changes to our health care system. Hospitals are required to inforce the new restrictions while still making enough profit, and employers of companies that are comprised of 50 or more employees need to provide one adequate insurance option that fits into the regulations of the ACA.

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