Starbucks : The Growing Coffee Culture Essay

Starbucks : The Growing Coffee Culture Essay

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Despite having small beginnings in Seattle, Starbucks has quickly become a worldwide icon of the growing coffee culture. Some Starbucks locations around the world have even added their own cultures into the drink flavors; one example of this is Japan and their famous spring season Sakura (Cherry Blossom) drink. No matter where I travel, I can always count on the fact that there will always be a Starbucks around the corner ready to supply its loyal consumers with a caffeinated boost. One of the reasons why I choose to do my paper on this topic is because I have many friends who are frequent customers and often pause our Disneyland outings for a Starbucks break. I also picked it because I know very little about Starbucks “lingo” despite the huge presence it has in my life. Whenever I order I always stare up at the menu, panic internally as I near the cashier, and mix up the drink sizes by saying a small instead of tall. After staring at the categories in the charts, I decided to take an inductive methodology approach due to the fact that I was simply observing individuals to come up with a conclusion based on their actions at the time. From my observations and applying the Ethnoscience theoretical perspective, I was able to come to the conclusion that our society runs on caffeine and contrary to popular belief we are not always on the hustle.
My first observation took place on August 26th at one of the Starbucks locations in Anaheim Hills. What made this Starbucks an ideal location to me was the fact that it is near a Cinema City, an In-N-Out Burger, between Canyon and Esperanza high school, and a few gyms. With that knowledge, I reasoned that the visiting customers would be diverse both nationality wise and age. After all, the hig...

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...chairs, and tables that all seem to be used for planned meetings, solo work on laptops, or reunions between friends? If you were to ignore the sounds of whirling blenders making countless drinks and baristas yelling names, the ambiance of Starbucks is actually calming and screams “comfort” to customers as soon as they walk through the glass doors. Through this observation I was able to learn how it has become a norm in our society to be attached to our cell phones and retreat to the safety behind the music playing in our headphones. However, I also learned that even though we, as a society, are attached to our electronic devices we still make time to meet up and socialize with our friends. Although my information was limited to the location and time, this information could be used to see how the various changes our society and culture has made over the recent years.

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