Starbucks Business Ethics Case Analysis Essay

Starbucks Business Ethics Case Analysis Essay

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Starbucks Business Ethics Case Analysis


Ethical issues in business are a common placed every day occurrence that will never cease to exist. We will discuss an ethical issue that involves a large American corporation and its practices when dealing with suppliers of produce that is essential but not solely used by this business. We will present several point of views backed by literary findings that suggest ethical practices may or may not be at hand.


Mr. Donald states that one of the main goals of Starbucks is to expose the world to the coffee production/industry in Africa by showcasing African coffee name brands. However, there is evidence that points to the real goal – that goal, simply put, is greed. The article "Starbucks Seeks The Right Blend of Global Ambition And Ethical Trade", written by Robin Pagnamenta, of the Times Online, in my opinion would be a goal oriented based theory.

Last year the American chain operated 12,800 stores globally and earned 6.4 billion dollars in revenues. Further, Mr. Donald plans to open a total of 40,000 Starbucks stores, 50 percent of them outside of the United States. "We open six new stores every day", says Donald. "We opened our first in Brazil last week. Cairo opens next week", he continues. Incidentally, Donald was paid $2.7 million last year, a former chief executive of America's Path mark supermarket chain – a far cry from the salary he earned at that level.

Manifested Ground Rules
Every thriving company must embrace some sort of code of ethics ground rules which will guarantee its success. In this case, Starbucks wants to promote high standards of practice; by selling the richest and aromatic coffees in the world to the ...

... middle of paper ...

...m of discrimination and promote equal opportunity in all sectors of Starbucks business transactions. We will set down with leadership and emphasize the importance of honesty, integrity and the reason it flow's so diligently through this corporation. Our company doesn't subscribe to dishonest practices, such as corruption or fraudulent business dealings. We must hold our selves to the same standards that we hold our employees. Understand that diversity in all aspects of our company's daily ventures creates a worldly image and increases ability to fulfill our goal of opening 40'000 Starbucks with half being outside the US.


With a council in place and clear ethical guidelines established, we are sure that Starbucks will reconsider its current position on coffee trademarks and make way for new and improved trade between us and the whole world.

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