Standardized Testing Is Unfair And Involves Only Memorization Essay

Standardized Testing Is Unfair And Involves Only Memorization Essay

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As the student walks into the room, pencil in hand, they prepare themselves mentally. The student is ready to do their best, to prove that they have learned from their classes and studied enough to perform well. The student sits and waits and is eventually handed a test booklet and answer key and is read some instructions on how to fill out the test. They are told not to move on to the next section when they are done, not to go back to any other sections of the tests, and the amount of time they will receive to take the portion of the test. Standardized tests are a big part of many students lives, often in their high school years. Many students deal with tests each week or even day and have become very accustomed to them. However, some students do not enjoy them or believe that they are a waste or involve too much stress. While some believe that standardized testing is unfair and involves only memorization, it is one of the most familiar and clear ways to test the knowledge that a student has retained and also provides useful information for both students and teachers.
To continue, the testing and ranking of students can help these students be put into the correct classes they need to be in. These examinations provide information to help both students and teachers to see where a student performs well and in turn help them be placed into the correct difficulty of classes (Popham 12). The correct placement of a student is very important when it comes to education because if the student is placed into too high of a difficulty of class, the student will likely become stressed or not receive a higher grade simply because they aren’t prepared for the difficulty of the class. This unpreparedness can cause them to not have a sense of what...

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... lot stressful preparation for the exams. Learning takes away the stress and difficulty of exams when a student knows the material that they need and are asked about on the them. That being said, this only happens because of the guidelines and focus areas presented by standardized testing. These areas of focus on the standardized tests help not only the teacher, but the student as well. When a student and teacher are focused on certain parts of a curriculum this helps specific skills and knowledge to be taught to a student rather than a bunch of information being squeezed into the brain. Memorization is not needed when a student has the knowledge required on that subject. When a student has actually fully learned something and can understand it, they have no need to memorize information. Fully understanding something can improve the attitude before and after the test.

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