Stalin 's Legacy Of Stalin Essay

Stalin 's Legacy Of Stalin Essay

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Stalin 's Legacy
Josef Stalin is a name world renowned for invoking terror at the very thought of his dictatorial reign, purges and labour camps; yet still almost half of Russians see him as one of their greatest leaders. This is a man who caused the death of 23 million people during his reign, many of which were innocent Russian citizens. A combination of Stalin 's long term effect on Russia through modernization, collectivization and improvement to social services, as well expansive use of propaganda to gain a 'cult of personality ' have continued to effect the Soviet Union to this day in the running of their country. This has caused many Russians to excuse his mistakes (such as the Great Purge). Modern education in the Soviet Unionhas also developed to teach Russians to think of Stalin as a 'necessary evil ' that needed to happen for the advancement of the country. These factors have made sure that Stalin remains one of the most important and recognized figures in Russia 's history, allowing his 'legacy ' to live on.

To rise to power Stalin first had to eliminate his opposition, but he did so in a way that made him appear innocent. Lenin died on January 21st 1984 after having a large stroke (the last of three) and modern doctors say his cerebral arteries were ‘so calcified that when tapped with tweezers they sounded like stone’. It is theorized that Stalin may have caused his death, and even a letter written by Stalin saying “On Saturday, March 17th in the strictest secrecy… I, Stalin, should take the responsibility for finding and administering to Lenin a dose of potassium cyanide. I felt it impossible to refuse him… when it is necessary I will fulfil his demand without hesitation.”. Though later saying he could not comm...

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...rnisation in conditions of shortages of resources, loyal to the supreme power and immaculate from the point of view of executive discipline." There are many differences in their version of history, for example it is taught in Russia that the Second World War began in 1941 and that for three years Russia fought alone until D-day in 1944. In the same way Western education minimizes teaching the Soviet Union 's role in defeating Hitler, Russia to leaves out Britain and the USA 's role in WWII. In 2007 a history guidebook was published for teacher 's in the Soviet Union, and in them declared Stalin 'Russia 's greatest leader of the 20th century '. These varied (and possible falsified) versions of history would influence Russians to believe that Stalin 's crimes were not as 'bad ' as they are made out, and in were in fact necessary for Russia to become as it is today.

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