Stalin 's Impact On The World Essay

Stalin 's Impact On The World Essay

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Stalin-life and Impact on the world

From humble beginnings, Joseph Stalin rose from a follower of Lenin to outright leader of the Soviet Union. His role and influence on history has had international effects and the impacts of his decisions are still being felt by people worldwide today.
Joseph Stalin was born in 1879. Despite a childhood with an abusive father he was successfully accepted into priesthood. After only five years of priesthood Stalin was expelled, however at this time he was already a fervent Marxist. He was participating in the Social Democratic Party and became Lenin’s follower after the Social Democratic Party split in 1903. From this time until the end of the civil war Stalin proved a key member of the party. In 1922 he was elected general secretary of state. During this time he created a strong backing for himself from within the party. Following Lenin`s death Stalin rose to power through political alliance and subsequently eliminated any and all potential rivals, including his formal allies. Stalin had become the absolute Dictator of the Soviet Union. (Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia, P.1-13)

Before Stalin’s rise to power Russia had left the First World War early due to heavy losses and wavering public support. One of the conditions of their surrender was the loss of important industrial land. The Soviet Union was far behind other countries with regards to industrial capacity. Stalin created 5 year plans designed to advance the country to match the economies of capitalist countries. These plans, although brutally implemented, caught the Soviet Union up with the rest of the world powers. The need to match these countries economic outputs was for several reasons. The doctrine of “Socialism in one count...

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...lin had risen through the political ladder, successfully eliminating each and every rival once he reached the top. The purges had ensured that it would not be easy to overthrow his dictatorship. Additionally it allowed for the economy advancement that the country needed in order to successfully spread communism as well as defend itself from Germany during World War 2. Through the cost of human lives Stalin pushed Russia from basic a feudalistic nation to one of the world superpowers. Politically he spread his brand of communism throughout Eastern Europe and Asia, creating the powerful Soviet Bloc. Although a well-known alcoholic Stalin ruled the Soviet Union with an iron fist. The process of Destalinization had been implemented almost immediately after his death, but the legacy of this Dictator will never be erased for better or for worse.

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