St. Paul 's Newman Center And The Roman Catholic Church Essay

St. Paul 's Newman Center And The Roman Catholic Church Essay

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St. Paul’s Newman Center and the Roman Catholic Church
I attended a Sunday Liturgy at the St. Paul’s Newman Center in Laramie. The St. Paul’s Newman Center is a university Catholic community and was founded at the University of Wyoming in 1957 (). The St. Paul’s Newman Center at the University of Wyoming has similar goals and purposes of Newman Centers around other college campuses, to help college students worship their faith. The St Paul’s Newman Center has had one message since its founding, the light of the Gospel needs to shine throughout the university community. Catholic students at UW need to be equipped with a strong understanding of faith, a community of support, excellence in liturgy, and formation in conscience and leadership development (). Throughout this experience I witnessed a Baptism, Roman Catholic rituals, and heard an interesting sermon about the importance of pledging gratitude.
During the service I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to witness a Catholic baptism. A Baptism in the Roman Catholic Church is the sacrament of faith which has the Risen Christ as its source and it is the offer of salvation for all people (). The child was wearing all white to symbolize purity. At the beginning of the service the young child was presented to the church, along with his parents and his godparents. A few questions were asked to both the parents and the godparents and then the congregation was asked to turn to the person next to them and draw a cross on their forehead as a sign of faith.
The services then proceeded as usual until approximately half way through the service. At this point in time the child, parents, and godparents were brought up to the alter. They were asked if they took the responsibility ...

... middle of paper ...

...On the sheets there was a guide for the amount to pledge, based off of income and the percentage of that income that you would like to pledge. Although the pledge does not offer anything in return such as healing or salvation as seen in other religions donations are seen as a necessary duty. To stress the importance of donations “In gratitude to God for what I/we have received from Him, I/we will return a percentage of my/our income as a consistent gift to support God’s work through the ministry of our faith community” was written at the top of the sheet.
Through my experience at St. Paul’s Newman Center I was able not only to learn about Roman Catholicism but also was about to experience it. I was able to witness a Baptism and many other Roman Catholic rituals. Allowing me to witness how Catholics move and worship at the St. Paul’s Newman Center in Laramie Wyoming.

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