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Islam is a major world religion. Its origin can be traced back to 610 CE in Arabia. The basis of this religion is the revelations to the prophet Mohammad. Dissatisfied with his life, he traveled to deserts, hills, and the wilderness surrounding Mecca, where he lived, to meditate and reflect. He became a new man through his revelations, which many of his followers believe Allah transmitted to him through his angel Gabriel. Islam was originally an Arab religion, but many different beliefs and practices were added to it, making it extremely popular and aiding in its rapid spread. This new religion spread to many different areas surrounding Arabia, both under Mohammad and after his death. The Muslim Empire grew to encompass Spain and the Eastern Roman Empire as well Persia and Africa. Many different practices and methods were used to spread Islam. The religion itself was appealing to, in addition to the inhabitants of Arabia, other people in the surrounding areas because of its distinct religious beliefs and practices, such as the five pillars, as well as the humility and prayerfulness of the Islamic people. They fought cruel, vicious wars with their enemies. Many different things motivated the warriors to expand, but above all, the riches they would gain from the people of the Fertile Crescent encouraged them to expand.
Islamic civilization began in Arabia, but it spread to many areas in the proximity of the peninsula. It spread as far as Spain, as well as many areas between the two locations. The civilization reached the Eastern Roman Empire, Persia, Egypt, and Africa. The Muslim warriors were extremely courageous, and their religious zeal aided in the conquests of many empires surrounding Arabia. However, the weakn...

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...f the warring tribes was obtaining booty, or riches, not following the scriptures of the Quran or examples of Mohammed
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In addition to the many different ways the followers of Islam spread the religion and expanded their empire, the religion itself was appealing to many people outside of Arabia. The Islamic religion contained many beliefs and practices that were extremely appealing to others. One of these beliefs was that Islam is an uncompromising monotheistic religion, meaning there is only one God. In addition, there was an extremely well and highly developed set of legal codes and a strong sense of community among the followers of Islam. The five pillars were also extremely appealing because they provided the basis for religious unity. The humbleness and prayerfulness of the Islamic people was admirable to those of other faiths.
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