Spiritual Growth And Maturity As A Christian And Reaching The Highest Potential

Spiritual Growth And Maturity As A Christian And Reaching The Highest Potential

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Spiritual growth and maturity are essential to developing as a Christian and reaching the highest potential in Christ. As a novice cannot be expected to perform a task as a master, the same holds true for an infant in Christ. Paul in verse two of chapter three of his Letter to the Church of Corinth, states that he had to treat them as infants in Christ feeding them milk instead of solid food because they desired to please their flesh instead of the spirit. So understanding an individual’s spiritual maturity is important to ensure healthy growth.
As believers grow in the knowledge of the truth and understanding of God’s word, the manifestation of sinful and fleshly desires gradually dissipate. Peter shares that goodness, faith, knowledge, self-control, perseverance, godliness, brotherly love, and love will keep the believer from becoming ineffective and unproductive in their walk with Jesus Christ (2 Peter 1:3-8). Therefore, a continuous spiritual growth brings into view these attributes of Christ that when acquired helps the believer to escape the sins of the world.
This paper will summarize and analyze the 5 stages and 4 spheres of discipleship. Next, it will identify the current stage of discipleship that I am in, while identifying the spheres that I need to submit to in relation to the centrality of Christ. Finally, this paper will conclude with what it means to be in submission to Christ.

The 5 Stages of Discipleship

Spiritual growth requires followers to experience a change from the time the gospel is shared to the acceptance of Christ. Christian development and maturity continue until the disciple ultimately becomes a disciple maker. Jim Putman and Bobby Harrington share a unique concept called the “Five Stages of Dis...

... middle of paper ...

...e word of God to be influential in the discipleship process. Their understanding, but lack of wisdom may thrust them into parenting faster than they are ready. Leaders must be careful in releasing the young adult to early. Through the equipping process, the leader should be able to access the young adult level of spiritual growth and maturity before releasing them.
Finally, the parent level is the phase which incorporates spiritual maturity, spiritual formation, and disciple making in order to build God’s kingdom. At this level, it is important for the disciple to be focused on the Great Commission, and parenting others. Majority of the believers in this phase are equipped to lead, guide, teach, counsel, and assist in ministry. Parents are important because they are able to provide nourishment to the infant, lead the child, and guide and assist the young adults.

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