Essay on Spider-Man - A True Hero

Essay on Spider-Man - A True Hero

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Nearly all heroes are faced with a variety of inconceivable tasks which in turn help to overcome obstacles that the character may face. In Spider-Man, Peter Parker is forced to overcome these impediments so that he can help protect the people in his city. The task that first illustrates this quest is Spider-Man’s revenge on the man who killed his uncle and committed robbery. To catch this criminal, though, Spider-Man has to learn how to use his mind: thinking quickly and on-the-spot. Not only does it take courage for Spider-Man to defeat this criminal, it takes quick reflexes that only his “spidey senses” can offer him. In the end, Spider-Man tricks the man and is successful in turning him into the police. Another example of a difficult task that Spider-Man is faced with is a battle with his newfound enemy, the Green Goblin. Created from a science experiment gone wrong, this evil creation tries to ruin celebrations on World Unity Day by exploding buildings and killing people. This event truly shows that Spider-Man now has an enemy that he can face, and he now knows how large the obstacles that are placed in front of him are. This event is significant because Spider-Man now knows who his true enemy is, and foreshadows confrontations yet to come. As the Goblin says in this scene, “We’ll meet again, Spider-Man!” Though no large defeat occurs in this instance, it displays the new conflict that will occur between Spider-Man and the Green Goblin. Finally, an near-impossible task that Spider-Man is faced with is a fierce battle with the Green Goblin in which he is forced to choose between saving a trolley full of children, and saving his true love, Mary Jane. The Green Goblin says:

“Spider-Man.... This is why only fools ar...

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...m, and he wanted to make the world a better place, even if he made a small difference. But one person can have a huge difference, and it is possible that Spider-Man pledged to be good because of this. One can either keep to oneself, merely being a part of society, nothing else, or one can be the initiator of the ripple, vying for change and changing others to follow in one’s footsteps. That was Spider-Man’s goal: to make a difference in the world and to try and change others so they could too. Under Spider-Man’s eye, New York City could be made a safer place to be. Accordingly, Spider-Man’s received a call to adventure that was initiated by a spider bite, realized when his uncle was killed, and presumably carried on for the rest of his life. Spider-Man set an example of what a true hero should be like, becoming part of the quest archetype as he set this example.

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