Spanish Missionaries Served As Conquerors For The Spanish Empire Essay

Spanish Missionaries Served As Conquerors For The Spanish Empire Essay

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Spanish missionaries served as conquerors for the Spanish empire because they overpowered the natives through their brute force and superior technology to expand their empire territorially as well as increase their faith. The Spanish had one and only objective: to control the new world and take from it whatever number wealth as could be allowed with a distinctly less vital objective was to christianize the natives.
The Spanish had various innovative preferences which permitted them to rapidly overpower the natives, despite the fact that the natives were prevalent in number. The Spanish brought steel weapons, explosives and also guns. Furthermore, natives had no local creatures other than their dogs. The Spanish brought stallions, pigs and dairy cattle, which gave nourishment and calfskin furthermore speed in fight, which gave them a choice advantage, militarily and mentally, over the natives. Furthermore, the Spanish kept larger dogs to protect their camps which were prepared to assault natives and tear their bodies apart. All natives experienced in the islands were basically primitive. On the territory, in any case, they experienced more propelled civic establishments, however which were additionally powerless against European infections and innovation. The Spanish tried to uproot the "pagan" religion of the Indians with their own "actual" Catholic religion. They trusted that God was on their side; and they had a feeling of mission that made them exceptionally prejudiced. They went to America a framework known as the encomienda, a system fundamentally the same to a Feudal fief in Europe. Under this framework, armed force officers who had won support got to be favored landowners frequently controlling a few gatherings of native...

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... and in clothing and in other necessities and comforts. They are idle and given over to all kinds of vices, especially the vices of lasciviousness, robbery, systematic thieving and dancing.” (Fray de Solis, “Diary”).
Compared to the Spanish the “The natives are very dirty, foul-smelling and pestiferous, and they throw out such a bad ordor from their body that it makes one sick. They [loved] and [enjoyed] foul-smelling and pestiferous things, on account of which they delight in the ordor of the polecat which they also eat.” (Fray de Solis, “Diary”) and also very primitive which made them easier to be overpowered and conquered by the Spanish. The Spanish missionaries would “frighten them on the first few days after joining [them] they would be trembling all the time and would not dare to speak or lift their eyes to Heaven” (Cabeza de Vaca, “Indians of the Rio Grande")

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