Space Exploration : The Final Frontier Essay

Space Exploration : The Final Frontier Essay

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Space is called the final frontier. The ability to explore space not been around
long. Since the 1960s men have slowly been increasing their presence in space. Now in
the early twenty first century, space exploration is at a stand still with the government
agencies having a lack of funding and private companies only recently starting up. In the
upcoming years, modern space programs will be ready to further push mankind; this is
something that cannot be done by one government agency or private group. Only by
working together can space exploration reach its full potential.
Governments do not invest as much into space exploration as they did previously.
Currently the budget for NASA is around one fourteenth of a percent of the GDP
compared to a full one percent during its’ prime (Andrieu, Schieb). Coupled with the
inaccuracy of current cost estimations this makes a huge problem. The average
inaccuracy of cost estimation is 45% under (Shari, Collopy, Componation). This makes a
huge impact on the amount of money NASA can work with because the amount the
government gives them is based off of these estimates. This also slows down their
process because once they are out of money; they are out. NASA does not have the
amount of money needed to complete the stages to preform their missions.
The solution to this lack of money can be solved in two steps. First of all, the
current way to estimate cost needs to be changed. The current models are too dependent
on tools not failing and missions going well. There are little that accounts for failing and
Wundschock 2
that is more a reflection on the mindset of this generation than it is on the cost models.
There is a disconnect that exists between what is expected and reality. In reality there are

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...t is
inevitable that India and Japan will overtake us in terms of technology. He stresses that in
order to complete Bush’s plans to put a man on the moon by 2020; there might not be
enough engineers to do so. To not allow private corporations would further limit the
workforce and make achieving Bush’s goal even harder than it already is.
It is clear that the way to approach the space exploration problem is to allow both
private and government agencies to work together. This will allow for a competitive work
environment while allowing the nation to rally behind the agencies larger missions.
Private industry would be regulated easier and while the cost models remain an issue, this
strategy allows for a bypass by splitting the load over multiple groups. Lastly the more
establish Agencies can help the new private industry with their launch sites and large

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