South Korea Past Vs. South Korea Present Essay

South Korea Past Vs. South Korea Present Essay

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Over half million years ago, in the first century B.C. Korea once was a great nation. Three kingdoms ruled. They were the Guguryeo, Baekje, and Silla. The entire peninsula and some of Manchuria were at their beck and call, but since time has changed throughout history, it is now said that Korea was once a great nation as a whole, but now it has become two separate countries with many changes that were highly valued. Those changes that were highly valued are the foundations that lead the two countries, but the one that has changed the most is South Korea. South Korea is now influenced by western culture. What is being looked at is that South Korea is being lead from its past to a brighter tomorrow.
The once great nation, now in two is located on a peninsula in East Asia between China and japan. In the year 1948 right after the end of World War 2 Korea officially divided at the 38th parallel becoming known as North Korea and South Korea. The reason that the once whole nation split was that of a war. Not much after that was learned of North Korea, but the country that people can see being influenced is South Korea. South Korea from the very being was ruled by the empire of China. China had given South Korea an identity. The identity that was given to South Korea was that of East Asian culture. East Asian culture is centered on the Chinese Confucian tradition. As well as have a phenomenal quality of being homogeneous. Which is another way of saying they are a homogeneity people. Confucianism is loyalty towards family, corporation, and nation. Confucianism comes from the ethnic Chinese, and Hinduism. South Korea did not have any ideas on how to live for them, so the Chinese helped them out by giving them an identity that matched thei...

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...e than one way to live in the world and South Korea has shown that by keeping to their original identity given by the Chinese, has also built onto their values so that they have a place in the world. South Korea has learned that all humans are worth something and have value through the influence of the west and that daughters and women in general are just as good as men. The west has influenced South Korea for the better through their customs, ideals on women and men roles as well as given them more sense to their lives as a people.

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