The Sonnets Of William Shakespeare 's Sonnet Lxxv Essay

The Sonnets Of William Shakespeare 's Sonnet Lxxv Essay

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Poetry introduced to the world sonnets that consists of fourteen lines in a stanza. Love is one of the most popular themes that most people would think of when it comes to sonnets. Love is an emotion that people can relate to because everyone has a different opinion and experience when it comes to love. Edmund Spenser’s sonnets “Amoretti LXXV One Day I Wrote Her Name” and “Amoretti and Epithalamion XXX My Love is like to ice, and I to fire” are the two sonnets that capture my attention. Both sonnets are a form of the Spenserian sonnets due to the different rhythm schemes compare to the other sonnets.
Both sonnets are written in modern English, where the sonnets are easier to understand than Shakespearean sonnets. In sonnet LXXV, the author begins with the scenery of the beach where he writes his lover name on the sand in line one. It sets up an image of a couple, where the author is showing his affection to his lover by writing her name on the sand. The sonnet then continues with waves from the beach washing away her name in line two. Even though there are no words in the first two lines that describe the sound of the beach, readers can listen to the soothing waves of the beach in line two.
In lines three and four, Spenser uses personification by creating an image of the tide as a monster that consumed pain. The author tries to write her name on the sand again and it ends with painful defeats. The personality of the author can be seen as romantic and persistent because he keeps on trying to show how much he loves the woman of his dreams. Then in lines five through eight, Spenser introduces the author’s lover. She believes that all mortal things will perish, and nothing can be immortalized, including herself. The lover can be de...

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Spenser use alliteration in both sonnets and it is to emphasize a certain image. For example, the alliteration can be seen in Sonnet LXXV are wave, wash, away in lines two. This is used to create a specific image and makes the reader focus on that image only. It is much more calming and more relaxing than the alliteration in Sonnet XXX. The alliteration in Sonnet XXX such as hot, harder, her is pointed toward a specific person while Sonnet LXXV points toward a nonliving thing.
In Sonnet LXXV, there seems to be a conversation between the author and his lover. In Sonnet XXX, the author is talking alone and questioning himself. The reading pattern of Sonnet LXXV is much smoother compares to Sonnet XXX. Sonnet LXXV goes from line one to two then line three to four and Sonnet XXX goes from line one then line two to four. It is easier to read Sonnet LXXV than XXX.

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