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Something Beautiful for God Essay

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​Have you ever had to choose between living a life of luxury and plenty or choose one that contained hardship and want, but you were able to help the poor? Mother Teresa, in the book Something Beautiful for God, written by Malcum Muggeridge, had to face this same issue. Everyone believes that Mother Teresa helped the poor, but some believe that Mother Teresa should have helped them and some believe they should have not.

​It all started in 1922 in Skopje, Yugoslavia. One day while, the soon to be known as, Mother Teresa was walking, she felt God call her to serve the poor at only the age of 12. Seven years later she discovered her calling was to serve the poor in Calcutta, India and prepared to leave her comfy nunnery in Loretto. As she walked through the beautiful garden in the nunnery, before she left, she questioned leaving all of this beauty for the slums of Calcutta.
​Mother Teresa should have helped the poor for three reason. Mother Teresa was called to minister to the poor by God, she would help the children of the poor, and she would reflect the love of Christ to the outside...

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