`` Somebody Blew Up America ``, And The Deconstruction Of Post 9 / 11 Movements

`` Somebody Blew Up America ``, And The Deconstruction Of Post 9 / 11 Movements

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4. Social movements throughout United States history have faced general opposition from the government, along with the white population. Restricting movements suppresses minorities and continues to widen the value gap between white people and minorities. Two well known examples of this is the deconstruction of the Black Panther party, which sought equality for all minorities and ultimately was suppressed by FBI programs that targeted key leaders of the movement, including the now murdered Fred Hampton (Black Panther Film), and the deconstruction of post 9/11 movements, such as the criminalization of Amiri Baraka and his poem, “Somebody Blew Up America”, which was critical of the government for a examples of inequalities (Rosa, 2009). Another example of a set of suppressed movements are the Chicano movements that occurred as a response to the Vietnam War (Díaz, 2012). Chicanos protested their inordinately high mortality rate in the war, compared to that of other racial groups (Díaz, 2012). There movements were shutdown swiftly by the FBI though the COINTELPRO program, which labeled them as to “current social order”, indirectly continuing the widening between the value of white people and other minorities, as no change is to the benefit of the white people (Díaz, 2012). The COINTELPRO program targeted key leaders of programs and either arrested them or had them killed, in order to suppress the movements (Díaz, 2012). More protests occurred over Chicano schooling options. Schooling available in largely Chicano areas was significantly worse than the education options in white areas. According to the film, Chicano! Taking Back the Schools, Chicano students suffered from all but a segregated schooling system, diminished graduation rate...

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...ndividuals to immigrate into the country without proper documentation. This neoliberal policy also desires to ultimately illegal for individuals to enter the country without proper documentation (Plascencia, 2009). Like all neoliberal policies, dehumanizing immigrants and removing public assistance programs places more individuals in jail and further increases the value gap between white people and immigrants (Plascencia, 2009).
One possible alternative to the current immigration situation would be an increase in awareness and support for the conservation of the human rights individuals living in the country have a right to going back to the Constitution. If a larger portion of society became aware of this situation and the media began to turn towards supporting the cause, society could begin to slowly head towards a more positive take on undocumented immigrants.

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