Essay about The Solution For Art Education

Essay about The Solution For Art Education

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The Solution for Art Education
In recent years, the decline of the arts education has been a major problem in the United States. With more emphasis on the “more important” subjects at school and the careers that will actually land someone a job with good pay, there is less attention to the fine art or performing arts classes, which can range anywhere from music and drama, to of course, art. As a result, due to budget cuts, art classes are the first to go due to many factors such as the establishment of standardized testing. People have veered away from appreciating the arts and its enormous amount of benefits, and they no longer believe that art is beneficial anymore to themselves or to future generations. Coupled with budget cuts, it is difficult for Congress leaders to put the arts education as a top priority in their budgeting plans. Due to the federal government incentivizing states to have high performance scores on the California Standards Tests (CSTs), schools have allocated their funds towards the subjects tested under the STAR (Standardized Testing and Reporting) program. The best solution to the decline of the arts education is to call for action to Congress leaders to increase funds for the arts education sector.
First of all, one must understand the policies or acts that impacted the issue of declining funds for the arts, one must know about the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB), signed into law by President George W. Bush. It was one of the biggest federal actions to affect arts education. It placed “great pressure on states to make sure that all students became proficient in mastering state standards by the 2013-2014 school year” (Kemerer and Sansom). With the creation of the “Common Core Standards,” this caused stude...

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...’s competitive edge in the global marketplace, where distinctive design and effective communications can spell the success or failure of a business or policy venture” (“Why Should Government”). Thus, it takes creativity to even create the business, and it takes innovative ideas to keep the business or project going, as it needs visual design, advertising, and marketing strategies to make it appealing to the public.
Another perspective to look at how the arts is important is to look at how another country is benefitting from the arts.
In conclusion, society has seen a decline in the interest for the arts and for the arts education, as seen in the No Child Left Behind Act and the establishment of standardized testing, the denied request to increase funding for the NEA by $2 million, and the stigma that the arts have no value and thus would get people nowhere in life.

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