Essay about Software Development Methodology

Essay about Software Development Methodology

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There is many software development methodologies exist that is used to control the process of developing a software system. No exact system was found which could help the software engineers for selection of best software development methodology. This paper present the framework of expert system combined with Likert scale. With the help of Likert scale we create a rule based model and assign some weighted score to each methodology and develop a tool named as ModSet which will help the software engineers to select an appropriate development methodology that may increase the probability of system success.
Keywords: Software Development Methodology, Expert System, Likert Scale

1. Introduction
The problem of selecting a suitable software development methodology has been addressed in different way by many researchers but there is no proper framework has developed. This paper extends prior work by considering the expert system with the likert scale to selecting best software development methodology.
The goal of developing a rule based expert system is to come up with result that would help to establish which software development methodology is particularly suitable for a particular project. In other words obtaining one clear answer was not the aim, but rather obtaining guidance in choosing from a known set of methodologies. The model selected should suit the characteristics of a given project should correspond to the criteria set out in the selection of methodology, the criteria should be stored in knowledge base of the system. Then to obtain information about a suitable model, the user of such a program would have to determine the characteristics of their project by answering a set of questions asked by the system.
1.1 Software Develo...

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...ologies. The next block represents selection criteria, final score, dynamic priority allocation and results. Expect the result block all the blocks have check boxes and the priorities can be assigned between 0 and 10. After making the entire selections “Decide” button is pressed and the result is displayed in the result text box giving the model selected. “View Heuristic Report” button gives the entire report with situational analysis.
6. Conclusion and Future Work
This study proposed a rule base expert system combined with Likert scale measurement that will become a base for the software engineers in the selection of appropriate software development methodology for the project. In this paper we provide a tool that will help in the selection process of development methodology. The future work will include more development methodologies and more selection parameters.

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