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This paper will discuss how disabled people are treated and today society. Disabled people in today society are not known as other member in society. This is chance to understanding how the disabled people are treated in various areas of their lives and issues are not open to a more border audience. The sociology of disability is an experience of people who have common disabilities and is exclusion, marginalization, and disadvantages. Disability is not always about exclusion, marginalization, and disadvantages. It can also be about a strong sense of identity and accepting who you are no matter what. Three sociological themes will be outlines in this paper, which are labour market, gender and domestic violence against women. These sociological themes will help guide a better understanding of sociology of disability and make aware is issues that are faced.
The theme of Denton et al (2013) and Shier et al (2009) is labour market. One event that shows this theme is when Shier et al (2009) states that disabled people are under-represented in the Canadian labour market, even though the policy and program is to increase population. This shows the theme because it explains how disabled people are treated in the labour market. Disabled people have failures and success in the labour market due to barriers. The barriers that are placed in the labour market for disabled people are discrimination and labeling. This adjusts the situations and experience to secure and maintain employment. Another place in the article that supports this theme is the respondent’s perspective. The methodology that is used was qualitative analysis. Shier et al (2009) also stated that the respondent was selected through a stratified random sampling and the people w...

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