Sociological Aspects Of The Black Community Essay

Sociological Aspects Of The Black Community Essay

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The black community has suffered from years of social inequality and oppression. Social issues such as the criminalization of black males is a frequent problem in society. These social issues highlight the reforms that need to be done to ensure that the nation is not consistently targeting and prejudging others based on their race, especially when dealing with legal authorities. Widespread awareness of recent deaths of black males reveals many unaddressed social issues including “justifiable homicides.” In an attempt to fight against inequality and end violence against African Americans, three women created an international activist movement using the hashtag #blackLivesMatter. This movement goes beyond the extrajudicial killings of black people; it affirms the lives of those with disabilities, and all black lives among the gender spectrum. There are many sociological aspects at play when examining the social movement #blacklivesmatter. These aspects include how stigma, racialization, and microaggression offers an explanation for crime, police brutality, racial profiling and “justifiable homicides” for black individuals.
Most black males are criminalized throughout their life due to the negative portrayals and stigma in our society. In Erving Goffman 's theory of social stigma, stigma is defined as “an attribute, behavior, or reputation which is socially discrediting in a particular way” that classifies individuals as being undesirable, and have negative stereotypes (“Social stigma - main theories and contributions - Goffman’s theory,” 2016). Stigma occurs when an individual is characterized as deviant and going against the norms of society. For instance, when black men are perceived as being “violent, unpleasant, promiscuous, u...

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...s particular social movement, #BlackLivesMatter, reveals several social issues that can be viewed in the eyes of sociology: stigma, racialization, and microaggression. These sociological aspects offer an explanation for crime, police brutality, racial profiling and “justifiable homicides” for black males. Although criminalization of black males has a long history, this social movement attempts to fight against the unjust life chances for the black community and gain basic human rights. It also brings awareness to the recent deaths of black males while exposing several social issues that need to be addressed. This includes the prejudgement based on race within the law enforcement. While criminalization of black males has been a problem throughout history, addressing these issues can aid to decrease the social inequality and oppression suffered by the black community.

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