Societal Reintegration Is The Most Common Struggle A Veteran Experience On Their Return From War

Societal Reintegration Is The Most Common Struggle A Veteran Experience On Their Return From War

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Societal reintegration is the most common struggle a veteran experience on their return from war. 51 percent of veterans reported difficulty readjusting to civilian life, with a 25 percent saying that it is very difficult (PEW, 2011). This demonstrates that the military does not fully prepare veterans for a civilian life. The military does offer programs such as, Transition Assistance Program (DTAP), unfortunately not all veterans’ undergo through this program. Tyson and colleagues provide the testimony of an 18 year old soldier named Bill, who expresses how difficult was for him the process of reintegration. Being a veteran has created obstacles for him in his attempt to reintegrate into society, as well as he is not able to socialize with others. He mentions that one of the biggest things about being in the military is that anytime he came home on leave, he felt so detached from everyone he knew before, like he had nothing in common with them. He couldn’t relate; he couldn’t be himself. He shares that family members said he had changed; that he was not the person they remembered. (Smith and Gala, 2014). The way Bill describes his personal difficulties as a veteran in today’s society demonstrates what can be a significant factor of their isolated behavior and their perception of interacting with others.
Another area in which veterans’ experience difficulty to reintegrate into civilian life is within their nuclear families. High levels of distress exist among veterans who are caught between military and civilian cultures, feeling alienated from family and, experiencing a crisis of identity (Demers, 2011). Is often assumed that a veteran wishes and desires to be home with their love ones, however, such assumption is far from reali...

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... abnormal behavior’s that veteran’s omits.
People in today’s society have a different perception of veterans compared to previous years, this makes veterans social integration extremely difficult. Modern society do not have the same respect and comprehension that it was giving to veterans’ in previous years. In order to exemplify this argument Mullen’s comments, “We in uniform do not have the luxury anymore of assuming that our fellow citizens understand the military life the same way. . . . I fear they do not know us. I fear they do not comprehend the full weight of the burden we carry or the price we pay when we return from battle. (Mullen’s, 2011). Mullen’s statement contains a powerful message. It resembles the feelings and emotions a veteran experiences while they try to be normal civilians. Within this quote it is evident that they are prisoners from war.

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