Essay on Social Media to Blame for Eating Disorders

Essay on Social Media to Blame for Eating Disorders

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It is estimated that about 8 to 10 million Americans have an eating disorder. Of these people, one fifth of girls ages 6 to 11 have been exposed to websites containing harmful content that may have led them to develop an eating disorder. Another study showed that one third of people who have suffered from anorexia or bulimia nervosa have been affected by a brain abnormality. What is the sole reason for these diseases? Were they influenced by the media, or by something that’s lurking within your brain?
You use the internet almost every day for email, social media, and even to play games. The internet contains billions of websites and domains, and most of them are not good. Among 400 to 500 sites promote eating disorders. In just one year, 5,000 people had visited the pro-Ana blogs or websites glorifying eating disorders (Laurance 16). Since it is on the internet, no one is doing anything to stop it and eating disorders are said “not, going away, if anything they are becoming more common” (Laurance 16). Anorexia and bulimia are more widespread in teenagers now than ever. Many o...

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