Essay on Social Media Strategy for Whole Foods

Essay on Social Media Strategy for Whole Foods

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Whole Foods began in Austin, TX in 1980 as a way for people to get the natural foods they desired. After several mergers Whole Foods has grown into a chain with nationwide locations and topped the list in 2013 for the healthiest food store (Paul, 2013). Whole Foods offers choices for those that choose to be health conscious and prefer organic foods and clear labeling on all packaging; they even carry grass fed meats and do not use any artificial ingredients in their baked goods or snacks. In addition they label if an item contains a genetically modified organism, GMO for short.
Whole Foods has several FaceBook pages depending on the store however they do have a corporate page where they clearly state their cores values. These mainly encompass a well being for the community while spreading the knowledge of healthy living as well as their commitment to high quality and organic foods. They have over 1 million likes and share content from their Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram on FaceBook. The FaceBook content mostly has recipes and pictures that buying a certain product will help fund a good cause. Whole Foods has several CSR initiatives to fight poverty inside and outside the US while also giving micro loans to farmers in need. I viewed several other local FaceBook pages of theirs to get a feel for the overall message. The local pages include specials, cooking classes, pictures, and of course they continue to be very engaging of the audience; overall the message remains consistent throughout the different pages.
Whole Foods also has several twitter outlets their main page has 3.6 million followers. The Twitter page contains very similar content to that of FaceBook; it seems as if they use an automated system s...

... middle of paper ...

...word of mouth marketing.

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