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Social Groups Of High School Essay

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In High school, there typically is a stereotypical division of students that distinguishes what social group one is a part of, from Preps, Jocks and athletes , Band Geeks, Nerds, Stoners, Drama Queens, Jerk Guys/Bullies, Goths; we have all come to interact with these individuals. Turning our focus on these group of guys who have always been the most popular, they are enthusiast in a specified activity, in this case being athletic supporters. Infatuating both junior and senior girls, mocking and terrifying geeks and nerds, jocks are play a significant role in social groups today. Every high school has some of them. This fastidious group of physically built guys wearing their sport attire, and every now and then giving off the aroma as if they are wearing their uniform. These guys are student’s athletes. They acknowledge each other with a light pat on the back and first bumps, to show companionship. Jocks embody a sport team whether its basketball, soccer, football or hockey, there identity creates basis of relations between them, they usually go together everywhere. Being a student athlete, from my perspective has become a social role spread by mass culture. For instance, the look of Jock, which means an athlete who dedicates his time with sports and sports culture, and isn’t as intellectual as the average student, speaks for itself.
In high school, students received approximately 10 minute break to transition to the next class. Most student’s use their time wisely by going to the washrooms, getting there proper books and being prepared for class by arriving on time, while some are in the line at school cafeteria, and others are just chatting in the hallways. In the meantime, jocks spend their time discussing their past perform...

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...also be explained on the example of student athletes. While others concentrate on their grades and academic success, the athletes see credentials in a different way. They train hard, play games, and probably win some cups and medals, which stands for their career qualifications afterwards. Also, coming from their priorities, athletes and non-athletes see groups in two different ways. Athletes measure success with achievements in sport, while in among classmates they might be considered as low-achievers academically.
School not only help students choose a designated career but also help shaped students’ and their personal qualities. Social stratification that exists in school, different statuses of groups based on prestige, different approaches to success that students face lead them to better understanding of who they are, and what are their interests and values.

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