Social Exclusion Among the Elderly Essay

Social Exclusion Among the Elderly Essay

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During the Celtic Tiger, Ireland had a booming economy and one of the lowest unemployment rates in Europe. The government’s success in economic and employment growth slowed migration and transformed Ireland into a prosperous nation. However, due to the recession that followed the inevitable collapse, many demographic groups have been excluded from participating in, and benefiting from, a healthy and inclusive society. Social care practitioners work in a direct person-to-person capacity with service users. This puts social and community workers in the unique position to promote equity, participation, social justice, and wellness among individuals, groups, or families on the programme, organisation or community-advocacy levels. (Prendergast, 2012) With this in mind, the notion that tackling poverty, deprivation, and exclusion is exclusively the preserve of the government can be dismissed. Collaborative work among the various disciplines involved in social care, e.g. community development workers, social care practitioners, social workers, and welfare officers, is found to work most effectively when promoting inclusiveness. (Dorsner, 2004) Social exclusion is of increasing interest because it has gained a primary role in official documents and in the political debate in Ireland and throughout Europe. (Geddes, 2000) This essay will set forth a definition of social exclusion. A summarization of how older people within society are excluded will be given; with focus on four main themes. It will set forth the best methods for minimising social exclusion, with regards to the four themes identified. Finally, it will give an account of two ways to diminish social exclusion, and thereby promote inclusion.

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