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Aspects of Active Ageing.
Aged care is becoming such a huge part of our health system and society in general. It is so important that we come to an understanding on not only how it affects the community and society that we live in but the requirements that need to be met in order to care for older adults. Throughout this paper, we will discuss active ageing and the cultural, physical, economic and social well-being of older adults, as well as the affect that community as on the older population and visa-vasa. Accompanying this essay is a flyer that well be used to define active ageing, why it is important to individuals and the community. It is important to understand what active ageing is and that health is measured by more than just physical
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While being social has many benefits to the health of a person, it can have a negative effect if there is any financial stress, increased burdens, or ailing family member or partner (Annear et al., 2012). Caring for others as an elderly person can have both negative and positive effects while providing companionship and a sense of purpose, it can also make the elderly carers life more stressful and can sometimes make the carer feel emotionally isolated (Annear et al., 2012). Joining social groups will get encourage participation and interaction with other members of their social group; this will help in minimising the potential for social isolation and detachment. Barriers to having an active social health are living in rural or remote areas, long distances to services and social networks. It is important for elderly people to feel they still have some form of connection with their friends and family and feel that are still connect to…show more content…
(Nguyen, Sarkari, Macneil, Cowan, & Rankin, 2013). The main cause and outcome of social exclusion is poverty and has been known to cause numerous complications in relation to mental and physical wellbeing. There are four factors that have been found to lead to social exclusion these are societal discrimination, little opportunities to actively participate in society, the social exclusion of goods/needs, and the lack of financial resources to maintain their lifestyle (Nguyen et al., 2013). Social exclusion can perpetuate a tragic cycle where poverty comes from social exclusion and social exclusion leads to poverty. Which can mean that older adults can be more likely to live with multiple chronic illness, malnutrition, have high-stress levels, and experience multiple moments of loneliness, depression and anxiety (Nguyen et al., 2013). Fostering versatility and avoiding dependency roles can help the young-old to the old-old maintain their dependence and avoid social exclusion (Minett,

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