The Social Construction Of Diversity Essay

The Social Construction Of Diversity Essay

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Social Construction of Diversity
Humans are a stereotypical lifeform. Disregarding all backgrounds and cultures, humans are constantly categorizing others subconsciously and blatantly. Due to past experiences and social observations, I have come to the realization that there is a way in which humans are taught how different societies define differences among different people and this is way that varies from culture to culture.
Dimensions of Diversity1
When we talk about the different dimensions of diversity, we find that the term “biological vs. social definition”. “Biological” is defined as facts. It is obviously known that among every single person, there are going to be numerous differences for example, gender, eye color, hair color, and skin type, among numerous other differences. The “social” aspect is defined by what society allows and that fact determines if something can be done or not in the eyes of the social-view. When you apply this theory to the aspect of different races you have the fact that people vary and look different on the outside in many different ways.
The social aspect of race has taught people that race can determine how a person is or how they may act. For example, a societal stereotype involving race is that most African American people love rap music and R&B music, while all Cuban people love cigars. Although there is no biological reasoning why either of these people would not love classical music and fine wine. Just like during the time before America was the United States, some people believed that European and Spanish peoples were above the Native Americans solely because of their skin color and their different beliefs. This was a fact to the extreme point that humans owned other humans and forc...

... middle of paper ... the angriest that I have ever seen him get and that man quietly left the ball-park. This is not a rare occurrence for a woman to come across men during a lifetime who believe that men are superior to women. I believe that many socialization agents can come into effect to influence people to believe that one sex is superior to another. Anything from family, communities, cultures, and the media have the ability to influence society into believe that women are an inferior to a male role.
Reflecting on my own experiences and different societal observations, I have found that I believe that our society as a whole, has proceeded a long way in the idea of acceptance and equality among humankind. I do not believe however that the world is where it needs to be and one can only hope that one day we find peace among the different ideas and beliefs of humankind as a whole.

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