Social And Economic Hardships For Immigrants Essays

Social And Economic Hardships For Immigrants Essays

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Moving to a new environment poses various social and economic hardships for immigrants. Susan A. Glenn Daughters of the Shtetl demonstrates the life and influence young Jewish women incorporated in the labor movement during the 19-20th Eastern European migration to America. Young Jewish immigrants from the Pale who migrated to America , specifically women, encountered opportunities for personal growth merging their old culture with their new environment in order to adapt socially and economically.
Jewish women occupied a paradoxical position in Eastern Europe Jewish society . They were appointed to keep a comfortable environment in the home and aside from that they also became monetary providers for their families. This influenced their role in the labor movement and their vital importance within their families. However, they were still considered inferior compared to men and not compensated equally for their labor. Glenn states, “ The result was that although women were looked upon as breadwinning partners in the Jewish family, they remained second-class citizens in the larger society .” Traditionally, Jewish men were responsible to sustain their family economically and women would stay in the home rearing the children, enforcing religious customs, and maintaining a comfortable environment for the man . Nonetheless, the beginnings of industrialization in the 1800’s affected the traditional family occupations in a Jewish home because , “Pressing economic need in Jewish families and manufacturers’ desire for cheap labor opened the way for a small but growing Jewish female factory proletariat at the end of the nineteenth century mainly consisting of unmarried women .” This non-reciprocal relationship between Jewish families and...

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... the country.
As young Jews migrated to America , the U.S itself was undergoing major transformations providing social, economic, and personal growth opportunities to those entering the country. Jewish women , equipped with skill in managing the finances of a home, skilled in industry trade , and owning their own shops supplied these women with strength to overcome obstacles in their new environment by using the experience they been raised with all their lives. Young daughters and sons were motivated to work in their homes and provide sustenance to the family, although it meant leaving their families to work far away from them. Leaving their home countries was a hard decision. However, the opportunity to create an image of themselves and realize their own self-worth was the opportunity they needed to adapt socially and thrive economically in their new setting .

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