Social Advocacy, Public Affairs And Community Relations Essay

Social Advocacy, Public Affairs And Community Relations Essay

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Political Advocacy
Since 1993, SAVE has advocated for equal rights for persons of all sexual orientations and gender identities. One of the ways they accomplish this goal is through grassroots action focused on political advocacy. They also work to promote local, state, and federal policy change by building community consensus (SAVE, 2015). The organization’s executive director, Tony Lima, is an external affairs professional with 20 years of experience in creating and executing programs that combine advertising, social marketing, corporate communications, fundraising, event marketing, public affairs and community relations. Before assuming his current position as Executive Director of SAVE, he was a longtime member of the organization 's Board of Directors (SAVE, 2015). Under his leadership, SAVE successfully sued the state of Florida to legalize same-sex marriage in early 2015 and passed comprehensive nondiscrimination protections for transgender individuals at the Miami-Dade County Commission. In 2014, SAVE helped secure a record number of elections won by its endorsed pro-equality candidates, including electing Daniella Levine Cava to the County Commission, defeating an incumbent only the third time in Miami-Dade County history (SAVE, 2015).
Community Outreach
SAVE is extremely involved in the community. They proudly claim to make a difference by changing hearts and minds while educating the people of South Florida about LGBT issues (SAVE, 2015). One of the ways that SAVE honors the hard work done by members of the community is to celebrate their accomplishments during their annual Young Guardians’ Luminaries of Equality Awards. 2014 was second year these awards have been given out. These awards honor the best and br...

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... of the conservatives would have us believe. The continuing threat that the LGBT community of Miami-Dade County, and beyond, perpetually faces, is the sometimes subtle, sometimes blatant myriad forms of discrimination that creep into all levels of our livelihood.
More specifically, the fact that the Employment Nondiscrimination Act (ENDA) has not been passed by this congress, constitutes a huge, ongoing threat, to the livelihood of all gay Americans. “Even though the Supreme Court’s ruling has brought marriage equality to all 50 states, 31 states still lack clear, fully-inclusive non-discrimination protections for LGBT people” (HRC, 2015). Despite the ruling, LGBT Americans can get legally married but still be at risk of being denied services for who they are. The threat of discrimination continues to be a real and persistent problem for too many gay Americans.

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