Essay on The Slavery Of North American Development

Essay on The Slavery Of North American Development

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Slavery is a difficult topic for many people to talk about or even simply consider. Yet America’s history is vastly incomplete without the inclusion of African slavery in the early colonies. African slavery in the North American colonies is one of the most significant phenomena in the history of North American development, and yet it is also one of the most overlooked. It involved the “largest forced migration in history” (Nash 34) and provided the early colonists with the labor and resources to expand and farm westward over the rest of the continent of North America. The slave trade was often cruel and inhumane to its victims, and its impact exists to this day. African slavery was tremendously impactful in the development of North American colonies and its impacts resounds in America even today.
The early North American colonists populated the eastern part of the continent, but much of the continent remained unexplored and unfarmed. Fearing an invasion from the west, the colonists desperately needed to expand in order to farm and populate the rest of the land. This was an enormous task that would require a tremendous amount of labor. Slavery was a relatively easy fulfillment to this need, and Africa is where they turned. Africans were captured in their homeland (usually by other Africans looking to trade slaves to Europeans for goods), marched to the trading forts on the coast, herded into fortified enclosures known as barracoons, and loaded onto ships to sail across the Atlantic to the New World (Nash 40).
The North American colonies, however, were not the first to look to Africa for slave labor. In fact, before the English even arrived in the New World in 1607, hundreds of thousands of African slaves had already been forcibly...

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...o so until both sides decide to let go of the past and start anew for a better future. People were hurt, injustices happened, and the bitter seeds of racial prejudice have been sown and have reaped a harvest of hatred and inequality. But the seeds of forgiveness and reconciliation that are sown now will reap a bountiful harvest of healing and restoration between whites and blacks in the near future. Progress has been made, but the marathon of racial equality is far from over. It is the responsibility of every United States citizen to do what he or she can to move forward toward a better future, and when the time comes, to pass the baton to the next generation. The past cannot be changed, but the future is not yet written. It is up to the present generation to decide whether to continue in the erroneous ways of the past or compose a free and equal story for the future.

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