Slavery in the United States Essay

Slavery in the United States Essay

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American Slavery
Slavery became an established activity in America by 1600’s. The slaves were mostly to provide free and cheap labor. Apart from America, slavery was practiced in other parts of the world throughout history, and in fact it can be traced back to the time of the ancient civilization. With industrial revolution especially with the rise of sugar plantations, the slaves were used to grow sugar in the periods from 1100.This intensified between 1400 and 1500 when Portugal and Spain ventured into sugar growing in the Eastern Atlantic regions. The growth of the plantations required labor, hence African slaves were bought from Africa, to provide labor.
As the Europeans set up colonies in America, they brought the plantation ideas with them, which led to the need for labor hence they tried to enslave the Native Americans to work in their mines and fields. The Native Americans were prone to diseases hence most of them died as a result of diseases and overworking. Apart from the ones who died, a number rebelled and formed alliances forcing the Europeans to look for other sources of labor. They settled on acquiring African slaves due to a number of reasons; The African slaves were more stronger and immune to a number of diseases in Europe and America, the Africans had no friends and family in America hence it was not easy for them to form alliances or to escape, they provided a permanent and a cheap source of labor, and most of them had worked on farms before in their native lands. In addition, there were also white slaves for cheap labor.
Slave trade grew gradually when it began in 1600's. As the demand for labor in the colonies increased, a number of plantation owners resorted to slave labor. These plantation owners used s...

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...ution of slavery in America began with the European colonialists who established their colonies in various parts of America. The Europeans then starting exploring on a number of farming activities that required labor. This gave rise to slave trade through which the Europeans could obtain cheap slaves from Africa, then transport them to America. The slaves resisted being sold into slavery but most of them ended up suffering as a result of it.The history of slavery of America has undergone a number of shifts characterized by a number of abolitionist movements that played a key role in liberating slaves and their future generations.

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