Slavery During The New World Essay

Slavery During The New World Essay

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The 1600’s were a time of expansion in the new world. Unfortunately the development of this area led slavery to be the main source of labor. As history teaches us slavery was used extensively in the new world. The main areas of concern of this paper are how slavery in the Caribbean carried over its practice in the American South. The slave system was implemented in the Caribbean on a larger scale before the South implemented their system. The slave plantations of the Caribbean served as a learning platform for the slavery system in the south. The development of Caribbean slave laws, slave revolts, transfer of information on this practice to the South and the South’s implementation of these slave laws, and the slave issues in check.
The Caribbean was settled by the French, Spanish, and English. The plantations in this region mainly grew sugar as their commercial crop. Even though there were different countries involved in the creation of slave laws, the laws that were implemented were very similar from country to country. Slave laws in the Caribbean mainly focused on the punishment of marronnage, or running away. Some of the first legislation on this was, “In 1671, the Conseil Souverain legislated that 1,000 pounds of sugar should be paid to anyone who captured maroons who had been at large for one to three years; 600 pounds of sugar for those at large for six months to a year; 300 pounds of sugar for those at large for two to six months; and 150 pounds of sugar for those at large for eight days to two months.” This was some of the first legislation put into place and it shows how much slave owners were willing to pay get their slaves back due to the economic loss they were suffering from the runaway slaves. Slave laws in the ...

... middle of paper ... learned that the key to successfully keeping slaves in their place was strong laws from the beginning of the society and the enforcement of these laws. This led to very few rebellion attempts that had any kind of impact on society in the South. The slave owners in the South also had the benefit of some slaves coming from the Caribbean knowing how to act already. Sothern slave owners knowledge of the events and laws of the Caribbean allowed for the smoother running of their own slave society.
Caribbean slave society provided the overall basis for the American slave society through its cultural and legal development. This led to a very strong legal system in the South that directly impacted the hopes of any slave trying to escape such as in the Caribbean. The South learned greatly from the Caribbean unfortunately it was the controlling of slaves they learned about.

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