Skipping Childhood Vaccination Is Not Neglect Essay

Skipping Childhood Vaccination Is Not Neglect Essay

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Skipping Childhood Vaccination Is Not Neglect
According to The Guardian, everyday approximately 11,000 babies are born in the United States of America. From the time they are born, they are required to be immunized. In the first few hours of life, these newborns receive the Hepatitis B vaccine. There are parents however who are skeptical about the potential side effects of all the vaccines. They think that immunizations are going to harm their children by causing them to develop neurological deficits. Unfortunately, schools are putting pressure on the parents by creating mandatory vaccination requirements as part of the admission process. Although childhood vaccinations have proven to significantly decrease mortality rates, the parents who refuse to follow the required immunization regimen are not being neglectful. These parents believe that vaccination is a major cause of autism.
First, I would like to introduce the different types of vaccines and how they are being manufactured. According to Lynn Cates, who is Medical Doctor, vaccines are made from either weakened, killed, or particles of the bacteria or viruses. There is also another type of vaccine that is made from the toxins or poisons made by the germ (Cates). People who receive the vaccines containing weakened bacteria or viruses will only develop a mild case of the original disease with little or no symptoms. The vaccines made with killed bacteria or viruses will not develop the disease or the symptoms of it. The last category of vaccine is toxoid. “Toxoid vaccines contain toxins (or poisons) produced by the germ that have been made harmless.” (Cates) Example of this type of vaccine is Tetanus. All of these vaccines work by making the body produce immunity towards the b...

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...when such a diagnosis of autism could enter the picture?
In conclusion, parents who decide against immunizing their child are not being negligent. There are numerous studies showing the side effects of the vaccination making the parents confused. The intention of these parents is to protect their child from developing unnecessary neurological problems. They may know that immunization is going to decrease the mortality of the children. However, it is the risk they are willing to take to improve the quality of their child’s life. On the other hand, parents who immunized their children and watched them develop autism may feel guilty. Unfortunately, at this point there is not cure for this condition. Living with someone who is developmentally delayed is a life long sentence because the parents always have to worry about who will care for their child when they are gone.

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