Essay about The Simplicity Of Nature And The Scholar 's Room By Bina Sarkar Ellias

Essay about The Simplicity Of Nature And The Scholar 's Room By Bina Sarkar Ellias

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The simplicity of nature has been the inspiration of countless brilliant minds for hundreds of years. Albert Einstein once remarked that one can understand everything better by looking deeper into nature. Infusing descriptions of nature into her work of poetry “FUSE”, Indian poet Bina Sarkar Ellias allows readers to detect an important correlation between her love for writing and her love of nature, weaving both concepts seamlessly in numerous poems. Ellias expertly applies figurative language, particularly imagery, similes, and personification, as well as differing formats in her poems “Such Sweet Comfort” and “The Scholar’s Room”, helping demonstrate her personal connection with nature and writing.
The thread of nature’s beauty can be found woven through a large portion of “FUSE”, becoming an extremely large component of the entirety of the work. Principally, “Such Sweet Comfort” tackles the topic of writing, and its effect on the author. Ellias tells this particular poem in a stream of consciousness writing, allowing the free verse to flow straight out of her thoughts. This can potentially be compared to the way thoughts can flow quickly and freely onto a page when writing something particularly important to the writer. Additionally, this stream could also be seen as the seemingly perpetual growth of things living, particularly in nature. A theme of nature is immediately visible, with majority of this coming from Ellias’s use of imagery. She concisely equates writing poetry to taking care of a houseplant, having “to nurture [words] like I would a houseplant/with care and tea water and sunshine coming/through the window” (Ellias 122). Ellias believes the power of words, with the right nurturing, can have the ability to be fruit...

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...fe. Particularly, her poems “Such Sweet Comfort” and “The Scholar’s Room” exemplify this idea the best, incorporating figurative language related to nature to describe her process of writing in a way that brings life to her words. The utilization of imagery, similes, and personification force the reader to identify a deeper meaning to her work, even if it takes multiple assessments to find an alternative idea. The contrasting formats between the two allow for Ellias to approach each poem differently, with the stream of consciousness allowing her to express the freedom of writing while the structured poem allows for each word and each placement of word matter. “FUSE” brings forth a relationship of nature and writing, two things that seemingly are not relatable. However, when looked at closely, Bina Sarkar Ellias’s words share one thing with nature: vivacity and life.

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