Simone De Beauvoir 's All Men Are Mortal Essay

Simone De Beauvoir 's All Men Are Mortal Essay

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Martha Nussbaum makes an important point when she suggests that literature is useful when it comes to understanding philosophy and philosophical concepts. In particular, Simone de Beauvoir’s All Men Are Mortal is useful in the way that Nussbaum describes because the treatment of existential concepts in the book allow the reader to gain insight into the life of a committed existentialist and into the desirability of this type of life. The book does so by being more accessible to readers and reaches a wider audience since it is not written using jargon like many dense philosophic writings. Also, the literary treatment of existentialism is insightful because the universal human desires and dilemmas that are explored inclines the reader to imagine their own life, the inclusion of multiple characters allows the reader of this literature to understand the desirability of an existential life through its portrayal of characters with different perspectives, the fictional aspects that could not happen in real life allows people to understand human existence from different yet useful perspective, and it provides the reader with accounts that show tough philosophic concepts in action as they are are explored by the characters.
One of the key differences between philosophical texts and those of literature is the accessibility of each by readers of various backgrounds. Many works that are considered philosophical are quite difficult to read, let alone understand. Sometimes it may take several times reading a text just to discern what the author is trying to convey. Works of philosophy can be dense and full of jargon that may be new to the person reading the text. In terms of existentialism, there are philosophers who invent new words in order t...

... middle of paper ... flourishing. Simone de Beauvoir’s book All Men Are Mortal is a great example of a text that aids in a reader 's understanding of philosophical concepts such as existentialism. The literary work is beneficial because it’s accessibility leads to a clearer understanding of concepts. In addition, the book 's focus on several human lives inclines the reader to imagine their own life and to contemplate the desirability of an existential life. The fictional aspects that could not happen in real life allows people to understand human existence from different yet useful perspective, and the book provides the reader with accounts that show tough philosophic concepts repeatedly applied to understandable situations. In sum, philosophic writings and literature are useful in their own ways and using them together would help in the understanding of tough philosophical concepts.

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