Sigmund Freud 's Theory Of Dreams Essay

Sigmund Freud 's Theory Of Dreams Essay

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One dynamic of Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalytical practice of study is dreams and the implicit meanings they may hold. He even wrote a book on this fascination called, The Interpretation of Dreams, where he strategically dissected each of the mind’s processes while in the resting state, that are commonly referred to as dreams (Cervone & Pervin, 2013). He distinctively linked dreams with workings by the unconscious mind, which is the deepest level of thinking, where it possesses thoughts and processes that the individual may not even be aware of their existence. Sometimes these containments can be accessed, but not usually, only in special circumstances like hypnosis. The unconscious is also significant because it contains symbols, which may be opposite of each other, but can actually mean the same thing. It also ignores average time frames because different periods of events can interconnect. The unconscious can also seem discombobulated because large can fit into the small, while bringing distant thoughts together. Freud also concluded that the thoughts within the unconscious level are personally moved their by the individual from the conscious level, because they cause too much stress to remain in the conscious. He believed dreams contain a manifest content, which is the sequence in which events occur in a dream, and also a latent content, which holds the unconscious’s possessions of instincts, emotions, and thoughts. He proposed that the manifest content fulfilled desires while the latent content conveyed unconscious desires, because they also may be possible to do while awake. Ultimately Freud believed that dreams consisted and were based entirely of symbols, conveying the idea that things were not as they seem, but instead hold...

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...ud’s theory that dreams are caused by the unconscious. However they both agreed that dreams are told by symbols and hidden meanings that are not directly obvious to the dreamer at first. The article even suggested that the latent content could be the result of both conscious and unconscious feelings and ideas. Either approach to dream processes can be considered when examining one’s dreams, because any scientist would conclude that overall, dreams are played in a very odd manner, but usually contain important meanings and information from the ever-working mind.
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