Sigificance of Maxillary Anterior Teeth Essay

Sigificance of Maxillary Anterior Teeth Essay

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Designing a smile requires artistry and analysis. A smile that exposes beautiful natural teeth is one of the greatest assets a person can have. The dentist can render one of the most appreciated services to the patient by means of the restoration or rehabilitation of smile. An optimal esthetic result can be ensured only if the dentist has basic knowledge and understanding of the artistic elements.1 Moreover, the dentist has to understand beauty, harmony and proportion as perceived by the society.2
The subjective element of smile design may require years of experience for the dentist to develop the eye for beautiful smiles. The objective element has been studied by Ward who proposed Recurring Esthetic Dental Proportion3,4,5 that formulates the perfect smile rehabilitating balance and harmony with the face. The successive widths of maxillary anterior teeth have been correlated in terms of Golden proportion6 and more recently, Recurring Esthetic Dental Proportion. The tooth size (width and height) is an important aspect of esthetic reconstruction.7 The maxillary anterior teeth play an important role in dental as well as facial esthetics.8 Hence they must be in proportion to the facial morphology.7,9 Consequently, treatment planning for esthetic restorative dentistry and crown lengthening should be done only after thorough diagnosis of tooth width-to-length ratio in each patient.
The aims of this study were to compare width-to-length ratio of maxillary anterior teeth and evaluate the existence of Recurring Esthetic Dental (RED) Proportion in subjects (both males and females) with smiles considered attractive by the public.

Fifty male subjects and fifty female subjects in the age group of 21-30 years...

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